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Active Muses

Celty Sturluson
Canon Durarara!!
Username losingherhead
Game Interstellar

Fern Green
Canon Awful Hospital
Username greenmamabear
Game None

Vella Tartine
Canon Broken Age
Username beastenderblood
Game None

Jiminy Cricket
Canon Disney
Username whistlenotchirp
Game None

Ayumu “Osaka” Kasuga
Canon Title
Username ohmygah
Game cosmographia

Wii Fit Trainer
Canon Wii Fit
Username fitnessenthusiast
Game Smash Ronpa

Isaac and Miria
Canon Baccano
Username originaloddcouple
Game Save The Earth

Canon Cyber6
Username cybersideman

Leslie Bean
Canon Dumbing of Age
Username itsafamilyname
Game None

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